Respect Your Responsibilties

Respect Your Responsibilities

Day 23. Facebook “July” Blogging Challenge

Note: This post outlines Lesson 23 in the “Inspired by Oreo” series. I hope you are having as much fun learning about my experience as a pet-owner as I am having writing about it! I didn’t pay any attention to my word count today, instead penning as much as I could within 45 minutes, since I need to pack for my trip to Augusta this evening. Come on, I will be away for a few days – surely, you can forgive a minor digression ;) 

An Irksome Canine and an Illuminating Gale

We are each responsible for all of our experiences. Louise L. Hay

I got irritated with Oreo yesterday evening.

It was cool enough for us to step out for a walk. But, like always, this cutie walked ten paces and then plopped his uber-cute <but stinky :P > butt on the lawn. I was stuck holding the leash, and smiling at the trees, grass and the occasional – meaning ONE – human being!

After about five minutes, I couldn’t fake a smile anymore and tugged hard at his leash to pull him forward. Unfortunately, my extremely strong pup stayed put – biting on the ‘rope’ and glaring at me for interrupting his smell-the-poopy-grass session!

Five more minutes later –  just as I opened my mouth to yell at him - a balmy breeze wafted , fluffing my hair and tickling my ears.

My face broke into another wide smile – only, this time, it was genuine. Mild winds are sexier than Leo De Caprio or George Clooney to me, instantly brightening my mood ;) 

As the leaves and the lawn swayed seductively, I looked back down at Oreo and relaxed my hold. He too eased noticeably, making me feel terribly guilty for my impatient annoyance.

Instead of letting my darling enjoy the outdoors the way HE wanted to, I was selfishly concerned about my own boredom. Ironically, when I quit forcing him to move, he happily walked – and even ran – only stopping occasionally to breathe in his favorite fragrance – “Stinky Poop” :P.

That sudden gust of air had reminded me of my responsibilities – something I never had to worry before Oreo graced our lives!

From a Princess to a Parent


As the pampered second child in a close-knit family of four, I certainly didn’t want for ANYTHING and was responsible for nobody.  My parents ensured that I remained cocooned in their embrace until my marriage – and still hope I come back! ;)

Even after getting married, my husband and I – both introverts who crave their ‘alone time and space’ – had our own interests and schedules, while still being in love with each other. We weren’t the ‘oh-let’s-do-everything-together’ couple – au contraire, we often ate different meals at different times and slept at our convenience! 

I ate what I wanted, slept when I wanted and worked where I wanted.

Suddenly, however, this little munchkin has taken over my life. He is my first priority, which sometimes irks me because I can no longer be that old, carefree gal who had to worry about no one but herself!

I have to be a sacrificing mum to a canine *sigh* ;)

But after my enlightening episode yesterday, I began to think about all the times Oreo has to adjust for me – sitting quietly when I work, being caged in a crate when I go out, eating what and when I feed him , getting yelled at when he thinks my fingers are chew toys , being tied to a leash when he’d rather chase after every living (and flying) thing etc. ;) Isn’t it only fair that I let him have HIS kind-of fun during our walks ?

I truly believe that the unexpected breeze was a message from above, requesting me to stop being self-centered and CHERISH this delightful responsibility. Thank you, GOD!

Guess it’s time for me to shed the princess’s gown (completely) and don the garb of parent – and a proud one at that. 

Love you, Oreo.  Thanks for being tolerant of my needs. Now, it’s my turn! #HUGSS


How did you handle the transformation from being someone who had to worry only about oneself to becoming someone who was responsible for others? Thanks for reading and commenting!!!


Trust: A Timeless Treasure

Trust: A Timeless Treasure

Day 22. Facebook “July” Blogging Challenge

Note: This post outlines Lesson 22 in the “Inspired by Oreo” series. I hope you are having as much fun learning about my experience as a pet-owner as I am having writing about it! The word count for this post – minus this “Note” section, the portion in Quotes, Titles and the last paragraph – is around 410, which is 60 over my criteria that I set on July 9 

“You trust him,” said my cousin, last night

I looked up and blinked.

“Yeah, and he trusts me too,” I responded

Oreo and I were engaged in an aggressive game of – what I call – Tug and Throw, the ‘hyperactive puppy’ version of Fetch, which goes like this:

I throw his chew toy. My cutie bounces to it, picks it up and brings it back. Only, he doesn’t return the toy. So I forcefully tug at the toy and swing Oreo in an arc - trying to get him to spit his chew toy – while he spiritedly growls. My pup is extremely strong and never lets go. Hence, I have to pry open his mouth and take out the toy myself. I throw it again, and the game continues


                                                             Can I Trust You – FOREVER?

We play this everyday: not only does the game tire him out – which is FANTASTIC ;) – but he also relishes every moment of it!

However, my cousin was amazed because I was manhandling my pup fearlessly. Consequently, he made that simple, yet powerful statement, which stopped me in my tracks.

Until that moment, I hadn’t paid MUCH heed to the trust factor in this canine-human relationship, especially from my side; guess I just took it for granted. Oreo and I spend all day together, which would have never been possible without our innate faith in each other.

Each of us believes that the other one will never harm (us).

Love Cannot Live Where There is No Trust: Edith Hamilton

Simple, eh? But my brother’s words – along with my response – struck me more forcefully than a hard-ball hitting my head, because it was a powerful reminder of the immense responsibility on our shoulders.

We have both placed our wholehearted faith in each other. Each of us trusts the other being to remain caring, compassionate, comforting and COMMITTED forever.

“What if I let him down”, said a fearful voice in my head.

“Or what if he stops loving me”, another voice chimed in.

Just as I was about to enter panic-mode, Oreo nudge me with his head and barked playfully, mad that I had stopped playing with him.

I smiled and whispered to myself, “We will be fine”

Indeed, to trust and be trusted is an earned honor, one that I will cherish forever. Thank you, Oreo, for your childlike faith in me, and for also giving me the space to become comfortable with your presence in my life.

I TRUST that we shall always be there for each other.



Do you believe that trust is a luxury or a right? Whom do you trust the MOST in this world? I am immensely grateful that you chose to spend some time with me! Thank you! #HUGSS

PS: I am visiting my sister in Augusta to celebrate my niece’s 10th birthday. Hence, you will not see my posts every day (until Monday, the 28th). Thanks, readers!
From Me, To You

From Me, To You

Day 21. Facebook “July” Blogging Challenge

Note: This post outlines Lesson 21 in the “Inspired by Oreo” series. I hope you are having as much fun learning about my experience as a pet-owner as I am having writing about it! The word count for this post – minus this “Note” section, the portion in Quotes, Titles and the last paragraph – is around 420, which is 70 over my criteria that I set on July 9 

I stirred in my sleep, aware that it was time to begin a new day, but not yet ready to get out of my super-comfy bed! Something warm was pressed against my legs. Frowning, I groaned, slowly opened my eyes….

…and experienced the most beautiful sight of my life (thus far).

Oreo was sprawled across my knees, breathing gently as he slept. I never understood the phrase “my heart swelled with love” until then. Tears of joy sprung to my sleep-ridden eyes. I gently caressed his soft hair, while recalling how he got into bed with me.

Let’s Cuddle Next to Mum, Shall We


I woke up at 3 am last night. As I walked past Oreo to get a glass of water, I noticed him awake and looking at me with those beautiful, round eyes! My thirst long forgotten, I decided to play with him for 10 minutes before getting back to my not-so-pleasant dreams ;)

After chewing on my luscious fingers for five minutes, he began licking my hands and face. I was surprised not to find a puddle beside my bed because his gesture melted my soul, especially since he is not generally a licker! Picking him up, I decided to forget my husband’s ‘Oreo-should-not-sleep-on-our-bed’ rule and nestled him against me.

Breathing in his baby-scent, I drifted back to la-la land….

….until I awakened to find my darling draped across my legs.

Never have I felt more content.

Love Should Not Have a Dollar Value

Love isn't something you find, love is something that finds you - Loretta Young

My extreme joy at such a simple sign of affection made me think about why humans are so crazy about grandiloquent gifts (of love)! Why do we crave the costliest jewelry, trendiest outfits, classiest cars and premium brands, when nothing gladdens our hearts more than unexpected and INEXPENSIVE surprises?! Ironic, eh?!

For instance, many Indians akin ‘gold’ to ‘love’. If your husband doesn’t buy you gold jewelry, then – apparently – he doesn’t love you enough! I roll my eyes at these stereotypes.

My husband is not great at giving presents.

But he stood like a rock beside me as I almost destroyed myself by starving. No newly married man should have to go through such unfair struggles. Nonetheless, even knowing that I was wrong, he not only supported me, but also protected me. To me, there is no richer gesture of love!

Oreo – thanks, my cutie, for reminding me of the power of such artless and heartfelt gestures of affection.



What was the most memorable present you have ever received in your life? Why do you cherish it so? Thank you so much for commenting, dear readers!


Healthy Life, Happiness Rife

Healthy Life, Happiness Rife

Day 20. Facebook “July” Blogging Challenge

Note: This post outlines Lesson 20 in the “Inspired by Oreo” series. I hope you are having as much fun learning about my experience as a pet-owner as I am having writing about it! The word count for this post – minus this “Note” section, the portion in Quotes, Titles and the last paragraph – is around 400, which is 50 over my criteria that I set on July 9 

Oreo is growing fast. He is almost twice as long as when we adopted him! And, according to my husband, he is also getting chubbier because of my treats

<I don’t know what he is talking about :P >

In all seriousness, Oreo IS gaining weight quickly, which might seem unhealthy. But this joyous pup teaches me the following aspects of healthy living every day:

I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you - Joyce Meyer

  1. Stay Hydrated: My darling walks up – in his adorable stocky legs – to his water dish once every hour (or two hours) and gets his fill. And he drinks more after sitting in the heat or playing. I drink maybe 2 glasses of water every day, so my pup prompts me to stay hydrated
  2. Eat On Time: As mentioned in the July 18th post, Oreo respects his body’s demands. He never puts off any meal, and refrains from eating once he is full. Of course, treats are another matter! ;) Well, my husband doesn’t eat breakfast and I have eating issues, so we both have a lot of learn from this cutie
  3. Move: Granted that Oreo’s favorite pastime is to sit at our feet or on the tiles and chew on something, preferably human fingers! BUT he does walk around our home a lot, and there also are moments when he gets super-excited and runs all over the place. Of course, we take him for his mandatory evening walk too! I am not the most active person outside the gym!
  4. Reward Yourself: Although I feed Oreo ‘one too many’ treats at times, he reminds me to not refrain from eating anything. Remember that even treats are good in moderation. I either binge or diet, unfortunately, and am working on respecting my body without overdoing anything.10401937_875985869096524_1194706394709063473_n
  5. Use All Your Senses: Oreo uses the five senses to remain cognizant of what is going on around him at all times. This keeps him mentally sharp and physically alert. In essence, he lives in the moment.
  6. Sleep well: When it is time to sleep, Oreo loses interest in everything. I can wave my fingers in front of his mouth a zillion times and this chronic-nipper will not lunge for them. Impressive, eh?! I rarely, if ever, sleep on-time and restfully!

Most importantly, Oreo teaches me that the only two requirements of a happy life are: to love and be loved. Thanks darling!


Can you think of any healthy habits that you wish to incorporate into your lifestyle? Thanks for stopping by and participating, dear readers!




Day 19. Facebook “July” Blogging Challenge

Note: This post outlines Lesson 19 in the “Inspired by Oreo” series. I hope you are having as much fun learning about my experience as a pet-owner as I am having writing about it! The word count for this post – minus this “Note” section, the portion in Quotes, Titles and the last paragraph – is around 400, which is 50 over my criteria that I set on July 9 

Give Me My Tail Back

I watched Oreo chase his tail for almost three minutes this morning.

It was the most inane – AND adorable – sight of my life. I laughed out loud at my pup’s eccentricity. ;)


In one of her blog posts for this challenge, Minette Riordan – an artistic entrepreneur– asked a very important question: are you getting enough creative time? As per her, ‘creative time’ is not defined by how long you spend brainstorming ingenuous ideas for your business. Instead, it refers to the amount of time you spend unleashing your creativity without any goal, motive or bottom-line. In essence, it is how long you ENJOY your imagination, for no other purpose but to revel in it.

Now, I ask you this: are you getting enough FUN time? And ‘fun time’ is not when you relax after a long day at work. “Fun time” refers to how long (and how often) you celebrate your ‘personality quirks’ without wondering what someone else will think about you. How long do you have fun just for the heck of it?

Bye Robots, Hello Humans

“I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it.”   Rita Mae Brown

Our everyday hustle-bustle has reduced us to mechanical robots who have almost forgotten how to smile, dance and sing “just because”. We need an external – and generally materialistic – reason to experience positive emotions internally.  What happened to simply relishing the not-so-perfect moments of our life and not-so-perfect traits of our personality?

Society doesn’t help either. When we were kids, our extemporaneous cheeriness was appreciated (AND welcomed). But as we transformed into adults, we were asked to stop being ‘immature’ and act ‘grown-up’ – I am still trying to figure out what ‘act grown-up’ means! ;)

So we hit the brakes on our artlessness to become arty fakes whose sole intention was to remain in the good books of others. In essence, we lost our innate zest for life.

Enjoy Without Explanation

Oreo chases his tails, tries to climb trees, runs after flies, digs my couch <wonder what he hopes to find :P >, sleeps on his back and does a ‘swimming’ motion with his legs – his cue to be petted ;) – without giving two hoots about what the human-world would think. Not surprisingly, we LOVE his craziness.

I am not asking you to become immature and irresponsible. I am requesting you to rejuvenate your naturalness and naiveté! Let’s take a cue from Oreo and embrace our silliness, people!

You might just be pleasantly surprised at the reception ;)


Can you think of a time when you were completely silly and LOVED it? Never been silly? Oh my – you are missing out! ;) Are you ready to rejoice in your eccentricities? Thanks for reading and sharing a glimpse of your life, friends!

Take a walk

Listen to Yourself. Look Within Yourself. Love Yourself

Day 18. Facebook “July” Blogging Challenge

Note: This post outlines Lesson 18 in the “Inspired by Oreo” series. I hope you are having as much fun learning about my experience as a pet-owner as I am having writing about it! The word count for this post – minus this “Note” section, the portion in Quotes, Titles and the last paragraph – is around 400, which is 50 over my criteria that I set on July 9 

The post is a tad more serious than yesterday’s inane conversation between Oreo and I! ;)

The Devil Spoke

I am ashamed.

Yesterday, my Eating Disorder demon overpowered me, leaving me embarrassed, enervated and exhausted. I thought I had taken 10 steps forward – turns out I was stuck in the same place of binging, self-loathing and body-image-booby-traps!

Indeed, I have forgotten how to listen to my body. I don’t honor my temple anymore. I indulge in emotional eating and hate myself afterwards. Re-learning to tune in to my body’s needs is as challenging as hiking through the Alaskan ranges for me!

Canine Smarts

But Oreo is the exact opposite. He is completely in sync with the demands of his body, and never takes them for granted or ignores them.


When he is hungry, he eats. When he is full, he stops. When he is sleepy, he relaxes. When is energetic, he tires you out! When he is mad, he growls. When he is sad, he whimpers. When he is happy, he closes his eyes in ecstasy or – more often than not – starts biting your fingers! :P When it is hot outside, he comes back inside on his own. When it is cool, he begs to be let out. When he has to poop, he whines outside the back door until one of us lets him out. Even his bowel movements are accorded their adequate respect!

You will never find my black-and-white-munchkin playing when he is tired, eating when his body doesn’t need the fuel, or sleeping when his energy is on steroids!

In all, Oreo is a physically and spiritually happy pup simply because he respects his OWN demands.

A Long Way to Go….

The First Duty of Love is to Listen - Paul Tillich

I, on the other hand, never look within myself for the answers, instead constantly seeking external sources of gratification. If my body is craving food at 11:30 am, I shut it up because it ain’t ‘lunch hour’ yet. Then I binge an hour-and-a-half later. IF my body is craving sleep at 10 pm, I deny its request, simply because I still have two more hours to waste – never mind that my efficiency has hit rock bottom. I still stare at the clock until midnight and then hit the bed. Even my mood is affected by the time of the day!

Is it any wonder that I feel hollow? Is it any wonder that I struggle to smile wholeheartedly?Oh, how wonderful must it be to trust the lonely voices within us and lead a life of completeness!

Thank you, Oreo, for leading the way.



Do you choose to ignore the voices within you that yearn for attention? How do you look after yourself every day? Thanks for chiming in, friends #HUGSS

In Imperfection Lies Inimitable Beauty

In Imperfection Lies Inimitable Beauty

Day 17: Facebook “July” Blogging Challenge

Note: Oreo entered our lives one month ago – on June 17. Hence, I wanted to interview my cartoon-like-cutie about his experience with us so far. I apologize for his grumpiness – he didn’t like me interrupting his post-lunch sleep to converse with him! He does send much love to all his admirers though ;) . Just sit back and  - hopefully – have some laughs as my pup and I growl at and gab with each other! ;)

“Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we're all in this together.”  ― Brené Brown

Me: Hello sweetheart! How are you feeling this afternoon?

O *glaring*: Well, you gave me very little junk food for lunch, so how do you think I am feeling?

Me: Oh really?! Just be glad I give you SOME junk and organic food. Your dad wants me to feed you kibbles all day long. How would THAT make you feel?

O *deep sigh*: Whatever! Just keep those yucky Salmon kibbles away from me, please.

Me *protesting*: But those were doctor-recommended

O: What kind of pet-doctor hates pets? Because only someone who hates pets would suggest those nasty things! *back to the I-ignore-you position*

Me *looking up for strength and taking a deep sigh myself*: Aaannyyywaay, <misspelled on purpose> can we kindly change the topic?


                                     Mommy’s Mr. Handsome

O *looks at me and then back down*

Me *inhaling and exhaling for composure*: So you are a big hit everywhere – our neighborhood kids, along with my social media pals and blog readers, love you

O *He perks up and – I COULD SWEAR – flashes a smug smile*: Well, what else do you expect? Have you looked at this black-and-white delicacy?

Me *oozing with sarcasm*: You are so modest, darling.

O: Pshaw! I don’t believe in modesty, I believe in honesty

Me *rolling my eyes*: Okay, then be honest. Do you like living with us?

O *cocking his head*: It depends.

Me: On what?

O: On whether you give me that delicious chicken and peanut butter treat

Me *trying to get up in a huff*: Okay! That’s it! I am not talking to you anymore. Your snobbishness is a complete turnoff  *my voices raises an octave with every word*

O *suddenly transforming into a demure angel – droopy face, teary eyes – the whole shebang! He then places his paw on my leg – preventing me from getting up – while licking my pant*

Me *melting just a little, but then shaking my head*: Nope, not happening. Move on, bud, I got work to do.


O *placing his head on my leg and looking up with limpid eyes*

Me *swearing under my breath*: Darn it! FINE…let’s continue!

O *still looking at me like a lonely darling*: I LOVE living with you.

Me *unwilling to completely forgive him just yet*: What do you like about our life together?

O *blinking his eyelashes*: I love how you feed me on time, give me yummy snacks, play ‘leap and catch’ with me, take me for car rides, massage my tummy, fill my Kong ball with Peanut Butter and buy me all those chew toys – although dad chides you for spoiling me.

Me *trying hard NOT to smile, but failing and rubbing under his neck*: Yeah, yeah, yeah

O *thinking*: She is such a sap :P *but continuing to gaze at me sweetly*

Me: I love you too, darling! You make me so happy.

O: *thinking*:Her fingers look delicious

Me: So what are your favorite spots in our home?


O: Hmm…I love lying down on the tiles. It cools my hot body. And I enjoy sleeping under the couch, bed and dining table. Of course, sitting on the grass in your backyard feels heavenly. I have so much fun tuning into the various sights, sounds and smells of nature *slowly removing his head off my lap and staring at my fingers intently*

Me: *Uh oh – he has that look..he is going to bite me…quickly giving him a chew toy, which he bites into with gusto*

Me *instantly changing the topic*: Congratulations on being good with your potty these days!

O *looking up in annoyance*: Yeah, I HAD to learn dad and you yelled at me some 100 times. What’s this poor baby got to do? *his ears flop down*

Me *and Mr. Male Diva is back*: Well, black splotches on carpets don’t look pretty. Anyway, I am glad you go outside to poop and pee these days.

O *panting hard*: Yeah, yeah, and what do I get in return? You tie me to that long leash, and I can’t run after those other dogs and squirrels – I must catch one of those tiny things once!


Me *giggling*: Well, dear, SOME animals are faster than you AND can climb trees :P

O *raising his eyebrows*: Are you challenging me?

Me *shrugging*: Whatever

O *you are on*: Mr. Squirrel, you are mine!

Me *muttering under my breath*: You are so weird

O *growling and getting up*: Really? And what about you? I see you singing off-key and dancing like a mad-human all the time.

Me *Oops*: Point taken, buddy!

O *sitting back down, satisfied*: Good!

Me: But what about your maniacal excitement in the evenings? You know THAT scares me!

O *sitting back up again, offended*: Hey! That is my way of saying, “I want to play outside more”

Me *feeling bad*: Oh..sorry honey! *rubbing his soft fur, the way he likes it* It’s just too hot outside and you get extremely tired. Come Fall, and we shall spend more time outside, I promise!

“To banish imperfection is to destroy expression, to check exertion, to paralyze vitality.”  ― John Ruskin, The Stones of Venice

O *propping his head back on my foot – my favorite position*: That’s okay! I do get tired, but promise you will take me out for walks in the mornings AND the evenings – when it is cool?

Me *smiling and kissing his cool nose*: I promise

O *thinking again*: Sap!

Me *trying to scoop him into my arms, but his wiggling makes it impossible*: Okay, why do you always wiggle out of my embrace

O *straightening his stubby shoulders*: Hey! I am a male. I don’t like to be hugged and cuddled. Just give me that wonderful belly rub when I sleep on my back!


Me *laughing out loud*: Oh really? What else don’t you like?!

O *cocking his head, trying to pass for a deep thinker*: I don’t like being crated or sleeping on that dirty carpet. Where is my plush bed? Most of my friends have one. Don’t you love me? *flashing an accusatory glance*

Me *this time, I just laugh AT him*: No, I don’t love you that much :P *thinking inwardly that I should ask my sis to get him a bed – yep, I AM a sap*. What else?

O *letting out a deep sigh of resignation*: Well…I don’t like it when you prevent me from smelling that fragrant geese poop!

Me *scrunching my nose in distaste*: YUK! We just don’t want you to throw up after inhaling those disgusting things!

O *shaking his head*: Hey, you feed me those reeky kibbles…geese poop is waay better!

Me: Oh, not those kibbles again! They are healthy. We don’t want you getting too chubby, although you already are growing bigger at an alarmingly fast rate <Oreo has a rare foot condition, which – if escalated – will need surgery. Hence, we don’t want him putting too much weight on those knobby legs. But why worry this cutie? Anyway, he is still putting on 5 pounds every week! ROFL #MyCuteGlutton>

O *glaring now*: What is the point of asking me what I don’t like if you aren’t going to improve my quality of life.

Me *scoffing*: Yeah right!

O *sighing, shaking his head and rolling his eyes at the same time* Oh! I forgot one more thing! I hate it when you prevent me from chewing on those luscious computer cables of yours!

Me: Ha! Forget about those. You are not fraying them – they are expensive!

O: Like I said, no unconditional love. *pouting*

Me *Lord! Give me the strength*: Okay, is there anything you LIKE to do at home?

O: Well, I like to bite your fingers…

Me *muttering in grief*: …of course

O: But, mostly, I love sitting at the feet of you and dad, while chewing my treats!

Me *a happy smile blossoming across my face*

Then, he perks up again and looks at me in askance: Hey! You have been asking me all these questions. Let me ask you one: What do YOU like the most about me?


Me *my ire vanishing in a second*: I love it when you come closer to me on the couch when I am working. I love that you are an adorable, if slightly nutty dog! ;) I love it when you try to catch your tail in your mouth. I love it that you are so playful and doting with everyone. I love it when you wag your tail. I love it when you rotate your neck over and over again while trying to bite my hand. I love it when you breathe musically into my ear. I love it that you CHOSE MY HOME. *blinking away my tears*

O *Oh dear, my mum does love me. I love her too, but I am going to make life harder for her anyway. Hey! When you love someone, you trouble them more! Let me just scoot closer to her though*

O: Okay! When is dad coming home?

Me *huffing and puffing*: Yeah, I pen you a paean of love, and you want your DAD?  I feed you, play with you, tolerate your ‘bitey’ shenanigans, but you only want your dad!

O *cocking his head again*:Hey! He takes me for walks

Me *emitting the loudest sigh ever*:Do you ALWAYS need to have the final word?

O *panting happily*: Of course!

Me: Fine! Interview over *trying to get up again*

O *emitting a whine*: No! I am not done resting on your leg yet

Me *hugging his neck loosely*: Wait! Here is your treat.

O *a triumphant gleam in his eyes*: Gotcha!!


                                                                       Love Conquers All

And Oreo settles back down on my legs, while I thank the good Lord for this adorable headache who exasperates, excites, energizes, enervates me in equal measures. But, most importantly, he makes me come alive, and I can never be grateful enough for his presence. I love you, darling!

Oreo *chewing contentedly and thinking*: I love you too, mum <and dad>! Please, friends, if you ever want to adopt a pet, rescue one and rejuvenate their lives with love.

Ten minutes later, Oreo got tired of his treat and lunged for my hand. OH NO!

Friends, even this inane ‘conversation’ has a concealed nugget of wisdom. Neither Oreo nor I are perfect. We have our strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes and mood-swings. But we co-exist anyway. Because there are only two rules to live joyously: love and be loved. 

Embrace-your-differencesDid this interview bore you completely? You can be honest ;) OKAY, not EXTREMELY honest – sugarcoating is allowed! hehe Thank you so much for taking time out to relish my darling pup’s antics. Have a fabulous evening, friends! #HUGSS